The “secret” to financial freedom? Persist while others quit

See what it means to persist in the face of market volatility.


Investing can be emotional because we're human. Our feelings can pull us in all kinds of directions in response to what the markets are doing. That's tricky because sometimes the best thing to do may be the opposite of what our instincts are telling us.

It’s understandable that heightened share market volatility can be unsettling. Yet, making emotional investment decisions in response to day-to-day movements on markets may have negative long-term consequences.

This video plots the returns of a high growth portfolio and shows us that, particularly over the long term, persistence is the key. Stick to your plan, no matter what anyone else is doing.



Successful investing isn't about reacting to what happens in the markets day to day. It's about setting goals and putting a long-term plan in place that you'll be comfortable sticking to.

A clear assessment of your goals and a long-term plan is what allows you to face market volatility with a greater peace of mind and the determination to achieve financial freedom.




By Vanguard
June 2023

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